Beginner's Information
Important Medical Information
Please inform the centre and your teacher BEFORE starting classes if you have any physical or medical condition, i.e. hypertension (high blood pressure), conditions associated with heart disease, cancer or benign tumours, epilepsy including petit mal, diabetes, Menieres disease, detached retina, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, myalgic encephalomyelitis, recent post-operative conditions, new students who are pregnant.  If you have any of these conditions, it does not mean that you cannot come to classes.

Can you please talk to us if you are undergoing treatment from an osteopath or a chiropractor.  Also your therapist needs to know that you are intending to come to classes.  It may be preferable for you to finish your course of treatment with them before attending our classes.

Classes are available almost every day.  A ten or twelve week course is specifically designed to introduce you to the basic postures and principles.  If you are fit and have taken regular exercise a mixed ability class will be fine for you.  You will be taught asanas (postures) which include standing poses, sitting poses and recuperative poses.  All the asanas have sanskrit names which the teacher will use - we don't expect you to know them but gradually you''ll remember the asanas you like!  You will be shown how to use yoga props which will help you to achieve postures to the best of your ability.  All the asanas have different effects on the body.  Beginners will gradually build strength and stamina as well as improving muscular tone, flexibility and posture.  Iyengar Yoga gives you more energy, soothes the nerves and trains and disciplines the mind. Asanas
Preparing for Classes
Yoga should be practiced on an empty stomach, therefore leave 3 - 4 hours after a main meal, 2 hours after a snack.  Please do not bring a water bottle into class, you will not need a drink during the class.
Please wear comfortable clothes. shorts or leggings and a T-shirt.  Yoga is always practiced in bare feet.
When you arrive at the centre, please remove your shoes and leave them on the rack provided.  Shoes are not allowed in changing rooms
If you are menstruating, there are certain poses that are not suitable, so please consult the teacher before the class begins. The teacher may give you some alternative postures to perform during the class.
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